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i actually really like walking alone at night, pity that as a young woman this is considered unforgiveably risk-taking behaviour

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Catherine Deneuve in Belle De Jour (1967)

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Jealous Guy / Don't Let Me Down by Claudine Longet


Claudine Longet - Jealous Guy / Don’t Let Me Down

Now, I’ve romanced one or two firecrackers in my time, but none of them hold a candle (yet) to Claudine Longet. French chanteuse, actress, and high-profile socialite, Longet charted many a Beatles cover, starred in the 60’s classic The Party, hobnobbed with Bobby Kennedy, and married Andy Williams, who she met by the side of the road after having car trouble. I saw a movie that started that way incidentally. It was a shocking, bare-all documentary about love called Runaway Tush 4.

This cover of John Lennon’s Jealous Guy becomes eerily ironic when you factor in that on March 21st, 1976, in Aspen, her boyfriend, skier Vladimir ‘Spider’ Sabich was fatally shot in his chalet. Being named ‘Spider’ is generally a good clue that you’re going to meet a bad end, but that’s neither here nor there. Longet’s story was that Spider was showing her the gun when it went off, which would make a lot more sense were he not half naked in the bathroom, having just returned from a ski. Beyond the fact that the physics of the gunshot didn’t make sense, Longet was found to have cocaine in her system, suspect entries in her diary, and a song in her heart ample motive for the murder. In the end, it appeared that  her relationship with Sabich was dissolving, and this final argument was likely fueled by his plans to leave her. I hate it when chicks wave a gun in my face just because things aren’t working out. You know I love you baby, but there’s a whole world out there.

Due to a few key police mistakes, she ultimately got off with 30 days in jail. She then married her defense attorney, never performed again, and to this day still lives in Aspen, the scene of the crime as it were. The moral of the story? Don’t cross French chicks / bitches be crazy.

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#I'm becoming so obsessed with her #how creepy is this?

Both Sides Now by Claudine Longet from "Colours" Album


Both Sides Now // Claudine Longet

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Japanese Movie Poster: Rosemary’s Baby. 1974

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Love Is Blue by Claudine Longet
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