"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Tenebre (1982) dir. Dario Argento

dollpeach asked: Name five facts about yourself and send this to your ten favorite followers! ♡

aw Thanks ♡♡

1. I have been a vegetarian my entire life

2. Once when I was about 9 I fell alseep in the living room, and while sleep walking I pulled the fireplace off the wall

3. My hair used to be so long that it touched my knees, I cut it shorter because people were constantly touching it

4. I wear lacey white dresses all most everyday, I have like 30 of them

5. The first horror film I ever watched was ‘The bride of Chucky’ and I watched it everyday for about 2 weeks, I wanted to be Tiffany so bad.

I just realised i’m a really boring person, good thing this was only 5 facts haha

Lana Del Rey x VICE


New lavender/taupe nails and widdle thrifted ring


Dolce and Gabbana F/W 2005 runway featuring Chloe Sevigny

neopreneskin dis 4 u. xx

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